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Sales automation planning, designing & development, training & execution .

Marketing Support

Digital promotion,  customer retention support, marketing planning & execution.


Proactive digital strategy, designing & development, positioning, Manage services

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We are into Business automation, Digitization and in Human interaction business since long. We assist our clients by providing best possible ways to establish automated business process in sales, support marketing to grow and provide customer services for your business stability.

Digital Enterprise Agility

How to set up an organization for a digital transformation?

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Strategy and Process

A key step in enterprise agility is outlining a company’s innovation strategy

Focused Experimentation

Leaders must set up a system to vet incoming ideas for market relevancy and technical and financial practicality

For Fashion & Boutique Stores:

AI Boutique

For Financial Services Company:

Real Estate CRM

E commerce Solution

How to start your eCommerce business.


Ecommerce Business Plan

Strategy: Market + Opportunity Analysis. A proactive digital strategy and well-defined positioning are essential if you want to stand out in your market.

Merchandize Across Channels + Platforms

The backbone of our business is our ability to develop, implement and integrate world-class eCommerce capability.

Automate your sales process

In today’s competitive business scenario, it has become important to implement sales automation to get ahead.


Automating reports can save both you and your sales team time.

A simple application

And increase 50% more sales

We all know how difficult to retain existing customers, but if you start managing a simple application you can increase your sales by 50% from your existing clients only. For more details contact today!


Managed Services

If you have shortage of skilled resources, NO WORRY! Our team is there for you.

Data Management, Direct and digital Marketing and analysis, Preparing loyalty programs, Conducting online survey,  Manage online portal/ecommerce and Business Intelligence for Startup and Small, Medium business houses. 

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