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Ecommerce Automation, What it is and How to use it

What is ecommerce automation?

If you think of the way you engage with your customers, there are all different points of communication that cause little events to occur.

And what ecommerce automation does is find those events and then allow you to go out and automatically cause some action to occur.

  • E commerce Automation is something that enables effective businesses to become more effective. In the beginning you can start out with the basics and overtime you can evolve and add additional layers and sophistication.

Some tips for eCommerce automation –

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment –

This is your most probable buyer. These people have started the sales process but for some reason or another they have not completed it.

To set up abandoned cart campaigns:

– Reference the item they are trying to buy.

– 3 emails over 48 hours. Need to recommend each at a different time of the day. Also send an offer via Facebook and Google ads.

     2.   Email Welcome Campaigns –

           – Set up an email welcome sequence for when someone first join your list or purchases a product.

         – Design the sequence in such a way that it links to various pieces of content on the website.

    3.   Dynamic Remarketing –

          If a user has made their way through to a product page on your website you can track which products they view and automatically remarket to them.

     This requires:

  • An ecommerce platform that can produce a product feed.
  • Facebook and Google Ads tags.
  • Facebook Catalogue and Google Merchant Center.

   4.   Automatically Populate Facebook Audiences –

  • Anybody who has visited your website ( in the previous 180 days )
  • People who have visited your Facebook business page ( in the previous 180 days )
  • Your email list audience. Start by exporting the list and uploading to Facebook. Once set up you can automatically update the custom audience using tools like Zapier.
  • Mailing list unsubscribe.