Do you manage your guest book smartly?

Technology is changing every day, and most of the hoteliers still keep record of  their guest manually. Convert your business digitally for more growth with a systematic approach.  


Why you should go for it?

Use a simple software to keep guest record and re-market your offer to all of your guest through virtual whatsapp broadcasting tool. No need to save guest numbers in your mobile devices! Just a single click nothing else!

  • Video advertisement (Up to 3 MB)

  • Call now, visit/book now and whatsapp now button  

  • Send bulk messages  

  • Authentic Delivery Report 

Smart move and re-market

Guest Record Book and Virtual Whatsapp broadcasting tool

Go for a Systematic approach martly
500/month Re-Connect with your customers
  • Single Page mobile friendly website
  • Basic guestbook manage application
  • Virtual broadcasting tools
  • Each month 500 nos free sms credit
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